Telegram Plushie Chat

Quick Summary

The "Plush 'n Stuff" telegram ground was created for those who want to find others with the same interest of living plushie characters. If you like roleplay, plushie artwork, and everything plushie related, this is the group for you.

Memebership Guidelines

We arent super strict, and the group is actively moderated to ensure everyone is enjoying their time within the community. We do ask you follow a couple guidelines.

1. RP in the channel is encouraged, but please keep it Short (Atleast 1-3 sentences) and grammar fluent. Consistent effortless messages will be met with a warning and further action if needed.

2. If you are asked to take your roleplay elsewhere, dont take it personally. But please do respect the request, either by a moderator, or by any group member.

Consistent violation of these guidelines may result in warnings & removal of the group chat.

I have read and agree to the guidelines and of the age of 18 (or older).